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Toys& Capes

This is the interview of Diane Dwyer with Global National Toronto, She talks about her story, her birds, and how she manages herself around all the crazyness, Also with her is her grandaughter Dallas, Who talks about the birds at 2nd chance parrot rescue. 


Diane Dwyer


Proud Owner & Caregiver of 

2nd Chance Parrot Rescue

" I have been working with birds for 20 years,

My passion is Cockatoos I work with birds with behavioural problems and self mutilators.

I take in the parrots no one wants. "

" I work with my two grandaughters giving unwanted parrots a safe permant home. We have applied to become "NOT FOR PROFIT", which will help with donations. "

" Over the years and after several hundred tries. I have come up with a cape and collar that protects against self mutiltion and is easy to put on and take off for grooming, The neck is not restricting like in the Elizabethan collar "

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